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If you're making a Career Transition in this new world of work -

you must meet Zanele.

She's the best!


A small, intimate & highly engaged community of unlearners, equipped to transition, innovate and execute creatively. 


  1. Where Am I Now & How did I get here?

  2. What am I missing/not aware of?

  3. Creating a vision worth living for

  4. Charting my journey/course

  5. Celebrating my becoming 

  6. Making it last 

Your Mentor - Zanele Njapha

The UnLearning Lady

Everything you experienced at Zanele' s UnLearning workshops and so much more!

“I was a participant in Zanele's ‘UnLearning Workshop’. It was very engaging and energetic. I enjoyed the usage of the different web applications, the time to reflect on questions, and the little exercises to break your own frame of thinking.

Thank you for the time online Zanele"

- Flooris van der Walt 

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Programme Outline

This programme is broken up into 6 sessions. Each section will cover three themes, as listed below:


Where am I now?

  • Getting to know myself

  • Taking stock of my current state

  • Understanding what lead me here


Creating a vision.

  • Articulating my vision

  • Making my vision compelling

  • Aligning my vision to my values


Celebrating my becoming. 

  • Acknowledging my efforts

  • Appreciating the journey of change

  • Using language to reprogram


What am I missing?

  • Understanding my lenses

  • Learning to disengage

  • Increasing my awareness


Charting my journey.

  • Making my vision tangible

  • Breaking my vision into steps

  • Unraveling beliefs, rituals and habits


Making it last.

  • Understanding my process of development

  • Adopting new rituals & routines

  • Applying the LEAP framework

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